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Commando Hindi Movie 2013 Torrent Do genfin




The film was produced by Vashi Nedomansky under the banner of Kunal Ganjawala's Red Chillies Entertainment, and directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya. The film is based on the true story of Karan Dalal who tried to assassinate the dictator of a neighbouring country, only to be thwarted by his superior officer. The film is inspired by the true story of the only Indian POW that escaped in Bhopal jail. The film released on 20 January 2013. Contents A One Man Army – Review by Dr. Mark Kukish The 'A One Man Army' episode is based on the true story of an Indian army Commando (Karan Dalal) who tried to assassinate the dictator of a neighbouring country. The dictator had always had a dream of becoming an Indian President. One day, he gave his General an order to assassinate a government minister and get 10,000 Dollars worth of diamonds which were in the minister's possession. The General accepted the mission. The General contacted an Army of Commandos and only few were actually prepared for the mission. The mission was set in motion but the plan fell through and the General wanted to kill the minister. The Minister and his guards were supposed to be protected by a team of Commandos but it turned out to be a trap. The General was killed and the Minister was safe but the Minister's guards were also killed. The Minister knew that the General had not sent the commandos to kill him but he could not prove it. The Minister hired a hit man from a neighboring country to kill the commandos but it was a trap and he himself was shot. The Minister was arrested. The Minister was tried and sentenced to death. The Minister's daughter (Pooja Chopra) was adopted by an American Professor (Vidyut Jamwal) and a poor young Indian boy (Ashish Sharma) was brought to the Professor's office to fill out the form. The Professor advised the Minister's daughter to have a good education, meet eligible bachelors and find a suitable husband for her. The Professor did all this. After five years, the Professor was advised to go abroad for the sake of his health. The Professor, his wife, his daughter and the young boy decided to go to the United States of America. They did not know that they would be invited to the Minister's death sentence hearing. The Minister was very impressed by the Professor's daughter's choice of husband and the Minister granted him an invitation to an official




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Commando Hindi Movie 2013 Torrent Do genfin

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